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What Are the Health Benefits
of Molecular Hydrogen?

Learn how this dietary supplement fights inflammation and combats oxidative stress here.

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Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

  • ✅ Protect Gut Health
  • ✅ Soothe Stiff Joints
  • ✅ Combat Chronic Fatigue
  • ✅ Fight Slow Brain Performance

Vital Reaction® Molecular Hydrogen tablets are specially formulated to produce 10+ ppm of molecular hydrogen in a single glass of water.

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More Focused...

I love how easy this product is. You just drop the pill in the water and in a few seconds, your hydrogen is ready. I definitely felt more focused when taking it in the morning.
Bella Miller

Raised Antioxidant levels

Checked my antioxidant levels and told me they were the highest she has ever seen in her practice. I owe it all to Vital Reaction! I have purchased many bottles and try to never run out.
Marie B

Similar to coffee without the caffeine buzz

Super easy to use, just plop the tablets into a little water and wait about a minute. Immediate observations are increased energy levels, quite similar to drinking coffee, but without the caffine ‘buzz’.