Hydrogen Water Antioxidant Benefits

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When you think of hydrogen, what comes to mind? Perhaps you learned that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Maybe you recall that hydrogen is so light, it lofts balloons into the air with ease. Or perhaps you’re aware that hydrogen combines with oxygen to make the most life-giving substance of all: water.

But you probably didn’t realize that hydrogen has yet another big claim to fame — it acts as a potent antioxidant in the human body. Not only that, but molecular hydrogen can boldly go where no antioxidant has gone before.

An Exciting New Discovery

We’ve all heard plenty about how beneficial antioxidants are, how they’re largely obtained through the diet and how they combat free radicals — potentially dangerous rogue molecules in the body. Dietary antioxidants, present in many whole foods such as brightly colored fruits and vegetables, are indeed crucial for health. 

A poor diet can result in a condition called oxidative stress. This is linked to inflammation, degeneration, signs of aging and disease. Dietary antioxidants are one of the reasons a healthful diet invariably includes lots of plant foods. 

But there’s a catch. Few, if any, dietary antioxidants are capable of going everywhere in the body that they may be needed most. Some cannot cross the lipid barriers comprising the membranes of individual cells. Most are too large and unwieldy to cross the crucial blood-brain barrier. Some are eliminated by the body before they can enter the blood circulation and travel to the body’s cells.

Hydrogen is different. It’s been hiding in plain sight for ages, but we’ve only recently discovered the antioxidant benefits of hydrogen water. However, boosting your intake of elemental hydrogen is challenging. As the lightest element in the universe, hydrogen disperses quickly into the atmosphere. Or it combines quickly with another element to form a molecule such as water.

As Simple as Rehydrating

At Vital Reaction, we’ve found a way to infuse fresh molecular hydrogen into drinking water, so you can imbibe one of nature’s most remarkable antioxidants. Once circulating in your bloodstream, our hydrogen water antioxidant slips into cells with ease. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and goes to work quelling the inflammation that can result from oxidative stress.

We’ve made it remarkably easy for you to claim this benefit for yourself and your loved ones. Simple add one of our specially formulated Molecular Hydrogen Tablets to your water or sports drink, close the lid, wait a few minutes for the tablet to dissolve and drink up. Within minutes, your body will be awash in molecular hydrogen. It’s perfectly safe, and could give you extra energy, enhance your athletic performance and recovery, improve cognitive function, encourage better sleep, reduce inflammation and pain, and improve skin tone.

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