Is Hydrogen Water Safe?

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Many people are unaware of the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen, and that’s OK! In this post, we’ll discuss how hydrogen is a free radical’s worst nightmare, and how hydrogen-laced water isn’t just safe but also super-effective.

The notion of drinking hydrogen-enriched water for health is new to many of us, so it’s reasonable to wonder if it’s safe. But not only is hydrogen water safe to drink, it’s also extremely beneficial given its ability to deliver a powerful antioxidant immediately into the body. Few if any other antioxidants can perform so well!

Here’s how it works. Elemental hydrogen is a potent natural antioxidant capable of crossing into your blood, organs and tissues, where it assists in eradicating disease-causing free radicals. These rogue molecules, also called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), are capable of causing damage to everything from your DNA to the proteins and lipids that make up your otherwise healthy cells. If left unchecked, these molecules can exact a terrible toll on human health. Their impact includes many of the signs and symptoms of advanced age as well as a range of common diseases, including arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Hydrogen is a Free Radical’s Worst Enemy

Free radicals must be neutralized as quickly as possible to prevent this damage, and scientists know that only antioxidant molecules in the body can render them harmless. The body has its own ability to generate some of these potent antioxidants and others may be obtained by eating a healthful diet heavy in fruits and vegetables. But imagine how helpful it would be to have a source of abundant antioxidant molecules capable of traveling anywhere in the body.

That’s what drinking hydrogen water does for you. It vastly boosts your body’s antioxidant capacity. And unlike some dietary sources of antioxidants, molecular hydrogen can easily cross the blood-brain barrier due to its remarkably small size. Hydrogen not only is the most abundant molecule in the universe, but also the lightest and smallest element.

Hydrogen Water: Safe and Effective

Ordinary pure water is the most healthful beverage a person can consume, and adding molecular hydrogen makes it even more healthful. The secret is bioavailability. This potent element becomes available to the body’s cells in an entirely new way.

Scientists discovered in 2007 that giving patients molecular hydrogen-enriched water or additional hydrogen to breathe can be highly beneficial. In fact, the use of molecular hydrogen is associated with a wide range of health benefits, including better athletic performance, increased energy levels, improved cognitive function and focus, less pain and inflammation, enhanced skin tone and health, and better sleep.

Such an array of positive outcomes may seem too good to be true, and it’s natural to wonder about molecular hydrogen side effects. To date, there are no known side effects of drinking hydrogen water — unless you consider feeling more energetic to be a side effect. Furthermore, the FDA says molecular hydrogen water is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). This is an official designation applied to food additives that have been deemed safe for human consumption. 

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