What Is Molecular Hydrogen?

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Hydrogen is present in abundance across the universe, and only recently have we been able to harness the magnificent power of Molecular Hydrogen. In this post, we learn about Hydrogen’s true anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative stress properties. Let’s dive right in!

Hydrogen is the lightest, most abundant element in the universe and an integral part of the fabric of life itself. Along with carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, hydrogen is a building block of every living being. But what is molecular hydrogen? 

In its purest form, hydrogen (H2) consists of two atoms of hydrogen tightly bound to one another. This is molecular hydrogen — an extremely light, colorless, odorless gas. When separated from its fellow atom of hydrogen, molecular hydrogen becomes a powerful, nimble antioxidant capable of penetrating cell membranes, the blood-brain barrier and even the membranes surrounding the tiny organelles within our cells.

The Heavy Cost of Free Radicals

Once inside, molecular hydrogen mops up potentially dangerous molecules called free radicals. Produced deep within cells as a byproduct of ordinary energy-producing processes, these rogue molecules can cause havoc by “stealing” electrons from other molecules. Some free radicals are capable of tearing holes in your DNA or crippling the proteins and lipids that make up your tissues. As a result, these crucial molecules become damaged, weak, dysfunctional or otherwise incapable of fulfilling their roles. The Free Radical Theory of Aging proposes that aging and disease, including even cancer, result from many years of cumulative damage caused by unchecked free radicals. 

The body possesses innate natural antioxidant defense systems to combat free radicals. Many useful antioxidant compounds also can be obtained through diet — especially by eating brightly colored fruits and vegetables, which are rich in these beneficial compounds. But the threat from free radicals is inevitable. Poor diet and other challenges can make it worse and even the most healthful lifestyle cannot entirely protect a person from these dangerous molecules.

A Breakthrough New Discovery 

That’s where inhalable/ingestible molecular hydrogen comes in. While it’s true that hydrogen is abundant in the universe, it’s actually somewhat difficult for our cells to access. In 2007, scientists first recognized that molecular hydrogen acts as a potent selective antioxidant in the body. It greatly enhances the body’s ability to minimize inflammation and reduce oxidative stress at the sub-cellular level. Experiments in which supplemental hydrogen is provided to subjects in the form of hydrogen-enriched water or H2-enriched air, have yielded some remarkable results. Invariably, these preliminary studies show that supplemental H2 is beneficial.

The Simplest Supplement In the Universe 

It may sound like hyperbole, but it’s a fact — supplemental H2 is literally the purest, simplest supplement in the universe. Molecular hydrogen is already popular in Asia, where much of the pioneering research on this extraordinary substance has been performed. Now Vital Reaction® is bringing this amazing new health revolution to North America and Europe. The benefits of H2 are considerable, including enhanced athletic performance, increased energy levels, improved focus and cognitive function, and better skin. It can even prevent hangovers.

We’ve engineered a way for you to add it to your ordinary drinking water, so you can boost your H2 supply at will. So how is hydrogen water made? Simply add one of our convenient tablets to a bottle of your favorite sports drink or water and drink up. The elemental hydrogen in your newly enriched beverage will quickly enter your bloodstream and be disseminated to all the cells of your body.

Or, for even more impressive benefits, inhale molecular hydrogen directly into your lungs using one of our Vital Reaction® Hydrogen Inhalation machines. Depending on the model you choose, you can have 2% or 7% molecular hydrogen available for inhalation on demand.

Vital Reaction Is Your Source for Molecular Hydrogen

 They say there’s nothing new under the sun, but the notion of ingesting molecular hydrogen to boost immunity, ramp down inflammation and support overall health qualifies as a truly novel concept. It’s a newly discovered approach to boosting and maintaining human health. 

Begin to enjoy the benefits of H2 by ordering your supply of Vital Reaction® Molecular Hydrogen Tablets today. Or, for a personal source of on-demand, supplemental hydrogen, choose one of our Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation machines. What better way to invest in your health and take charge of your future? Call us at 1-800-794-5355 to get started.

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