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What is Nrf2 and should you worry about it?

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It’s not just bacteria and viruses that make us sick.

We need oxygen to live – but in the wrong place at the wrong time, it’s toxic.

It might surprise you, but this is a major factor behind many chronic illnesses.

When you walk twenty feet and find that you’re completely drained…

When you can’t stand up without wincing…

When you can’t sleep at night because of itching, seething pain throughout your body…

That’s partly caused by oxygen getting up to no good.

But… how on Earth do you stop oxygen from getting to you? It’s everywhere!

Some of the most harmful molecules are free radicals.

You’ve probably heard of these – they’re an example of when oxygen comes to hurt you. You’ve also probably heard of antioxidants. These are your defenses.

One of the key regulators for proper antioxidant response in our bodies is a little thing called Nrf2.

This genetic hero is responsible for signaling – or telling our bodies when to produce more antioxidants.

So what is Nrf2 pathway, and why is it an essential part of YOUR fight against chronic illness?

When your body can’t signal properly, that’s big trouble.

Here’s why you need to care – and what you can do about it.

Protecting Your Body Against Oxidative Stress

If your body isn’t producing enough antioxidants, it will become overwhelmed by a condition known as oxidative stress.

This means free radicals and other reactive oxidative species are free to damage cells within your body. Without enough antioxidants, there’s nothing to stop them from incapacitating your cells and even your DNA.

Speaking of DNA – Nrf2 is encoded by a gene known as NFE2L2. Your genes are the foundation of your defenses against illness, and this one helps encode defenses against inflammation and injury.

You understand why it’s so important for Nrf2 to send those signals. If the activation of NRF2 signaling is impaired, no protection against oxidative stress goes way down.

NRF2 Signaling Pathway Disruption Means Chaos. Introducing: Therapeutic Hydrogen

So the big question is – what helps activate Nrf2 so it can do its job?

Preliminary studies have found that the presence of hydrogen may be a critical factor in maintaining Nrf2 signaling and also in potentially reducing the symptoms of oxidative stress.

A 2020 study found that introducing hydrogen to the body promoted Nrf2 signaling.

Conversely, inadequate Nrf2 signals made therapeutic hydrogen less effective in treating oxidative stress.

The short answer: hydrogen and Nrf2 are critical partners in protecting your body against oxidative stress.

We’re still coming to understand how this works. But consider this:

  • Nearly half of US adults are estimated to suffer from at least one chronic condition.

  • Common conditions include kidney disease, neurodegenerative illnesses, Long COVID, chronic pain, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and many more.

  • All these chronic conditions are influenced by oxidative stress.

  • Helping our body combat oxidative stress by freeing Nrf2 to do its job may, therefore, have huge therapeutic potential.

The takeaway? We need to do all we can to allow Nrf2 to do its job.

At Vital Reaction, we believe that therapeutic hydrogen may be a game-changer in combating oxidative stress.

What is Nrf2 Activity Best For? Learn More – And Start Your Journey

Oxidative stress is a nemesis in chronic conditions. Learn more about how oxidative stress affects you directly – and why therapeutic hydrogen is considered such a promising helper in this battle.

  • Joint disruption and arthritis

  • Neurodegenerative illnesses

  • Long COVID and chronic fatigue

  • Kidney disease

Nrf2 Activation and Chronic Illnesses – The Battle in YOUR Body

Digging deeper into the science…

The NFE2L2 gene encodes transcription factors such as Nrf2. This is essentially saying that it tells them what messages to send.

In particular, NFE2L2 is responsible for combating injury and inflammation. These are both made worse by oxidative stress.

If you suffer from a chronic condition, you’ll understand that inflammation is a central component of the pain, fatigue, and struggles you face every day.

  • Inflammation occurs in joints, muscles, organs, and all bodily tissues. It’s why, for many chronic illness patients, activities such as moving around, eating food, and even washing and getting dressed are extremely painful.

  • Inflammation wears down your body. It’s a major contributor to the exhaustion that makes completing basic household tasks, seeing friends, and even getting out of bed feel like insurmountable challenges.

  • Inflammation doesn’t just put you down – it keeps you down. Many chronic patients face appalling quality of life and suffer from corresponding struggles like poor mental health, social isolation, and chronic anxiety as a result.

I’ve Tried Everything for My Chronic Issues, Right?

Being sent home and told to “come back if it persists…”

Being given ineffective medication that doesn’t treat the root problem…

Endless hospital visits…

Gradually getting worse while dozens of doctors offer different advice…

Sound like a familiar story? It’s a story that so many chronic illness patients live every single day.

Having a Nrf2 Activator On Your Side Means…

Today, the goals of therapeutic treatment are more focused on helping your body help itself.

That’s what we mean by targeting Nrf2 signaling. It means ensuring your body’s natural defenses are able to work more efficiently.

Improved gene expression and signaling may mean…

  • Lower levels of oxidative stress, potentially reducing inflammation

  • Less pain and exhaustion where oxidative stress is preventing your body from healing

  • Improved quality of life – and this might be helped by one simple, affordable change.

That change is called molecular hydrogen.

Proper Nrf2 Function May Help YOU Manage Your Chronic Condition

Let’s be clear – molecular hydrogen isn’t a cure.

It’s a simple element. The simplest. It’s incredible, but it can’t do everything. So please don’t mistake hydrogen as a cure. 

However, multiple studies have pointed out the potential connection between molecular hydrogen and oxidative stress reduction. It may help as a regulator for oxidative stress.

Part of this is by allowing crosstalk with important genes and to help stabilize Nrf2 signaling.

There’s more, of course. Therapeutic hydrogen may have the potential to help manage oxidative stress more directly – you can learn more here.

In short – this research is investigating exactly what previous treatments for chronic illnesses haven’t addressed.

And that’s helping your body to regulate itself, so you can go about your daily life.

Therapeutic Hydrogen is Accessible and Affordable – Try It Now

The easiest way to discover the potential benefits of hydrogen is through simple, soluble hydrogen tablets.

A hydrogen water bottle is another super-accessible, super-affordable way to start your journey.

It can also be administered through inhalation using a hydrogen inhalers at home or in a clinical setting.

The first step is understanding how exciting hydrogen is in the fight against chronic conditions.

Now you know.

The next step is to start your personal recovery journey.

Let’s go.

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About Vital Reaction

Vital Reaction was founded with one goal – to help individuals suffering from chronic pain find a more affordable, less invasive, less risky way to enjoy living the life they want.

We’re committed to helping our members understand more about hydrogen as new research emerges. This is a fast-moving field and one of the most exciting frontiers in biomedicine.

We’re on this journey together.

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What does the regulation of Nrf2 do?

Nrf2 is a genetic transcription factor. It’s believed to be responsible for regulating the antioxidant response element that may help prevent inflammation and injury.

Is Nrf2 good for you?

Nrf2 is an essential part of your body’s genetic makeup. It may benefit your body by protecting against inflammation and injury. Frequent exercise is believed to aid with the activity of Nrf2 function.

What are side effects of Nrf2 expression?

Medications that directly regulate Nrf2 activity to treat very specific conditions are being developed – but some may have negative side effects including nausea, headaches, fatigue, and vomiting.

Getting Started

We’re carefully watching the frontline of research that may offer holistic, affordable assistance in the fight against chronic conditions.

Join us today.

Discover how molecular hydrogen can make a difference!

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