Winter Blues: 3 ways to get your mind and body unstuck

Winter Blues: 3 ways to get your mind and body unstuck

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Winter Blues: 3 ways to get your mind and body UNSTUCK…

Because it’s winter time, and we know how common the winter blues can hit just about anybody at this time of year.

How do you even know if you’re suffering from the winter blues?

Yyou’ll know you have the winter blues if you’re experiencing feelings of sadness or increased anxiety that only come on during the holiday months and don’t tend to throw off your daily functions.

Now, while you could just do what most people do and roll through the overwhelming emotions that come with the winter blues, we thought we’d share some, um…how should we say…healthier options.

One of the main reasons people experience the winter blues is because they think that they have to live up to certain expectations.

Whether from family, friends, or even work, we want to remind you that it’s okay to hold boundaries for yourself. Heck, it’s necessary! If you’re feeling overwhelmed this season, then allow yourself to say no to something you don’t want to do. Prioritize your health and well-being by saying no!

Everyday life comes with a fair amount of stress. However, winter stress can feel like entering a whole new ball game. The stress can feel overwhelming with dinner parties to attend, gifts to buy, and end-of-year work to do. This can spike your cortisol levels and, subsequently, keep you from a good night’s rest. Which will only cause more havoc the next day.

To combat this, we recommend grounding yourself! With our grounding mat, you can reset your body’s internal sleep clock by providing you with a direct connection to the earth’s energy. This, in turn, will not only lower your cortisol (aka stress and anxiety levels) but will help you get a peaceful night’s rest!

Hydrogen water has been shown to do some miraculous things. From supporting ‘youthful’ brain function to rejuvenating sun-damaged skin and so much more.

But did you know it’s also been shown to reduce anxiety?

It’s true! When observing people who developed chronic stress and increased activity in their sympathetic nervous systems, studies have shown that “twice daily administration of hydrogen-rich water actually decreased sympathetic activation, basically restoring balance to the subjects’ autonomic nervous systems.”

This tells us that Hydrogen Water is a worthy supporter in helping you ward off the feelings of the winter blues. And with our Molecular Hydrogen Tablets, getting that support has never been easier.

With countless benefits and fast-acting results, Hydrogen therapy is the gift that keeps on giving.

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